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Cutting the cost of your car insurance Looking to save a buck or two? While skipping lattes and brown-bagging lunch can shave a few cents, experts suggest taking a look at how much you're shelling out for car insurance.

5 Things Never to Say to Your Insurers Some words are red flags to insurers and using them could mean that your claim might be delayed or even denied.

A Guide to Taxi Insurance As a licensed taxi/private hire driver you will definitely require a hire and reward insurance policy for your vehicle.

Auto Insurance Estimates - What Factors Play a Part? As a policy holder, it most likely amazes and confuses you as to what insurance companies look into when dealing with auto insurance estimates. Some aspects of it make sense and then there are others that are a mystery.

Things to Consider When Looking For Cheap Auto Insurance Looking for cheap auto insurance could mean two things. It could mean you just want the lowest of low prices and you are only concerned about the cost of the policy. It could also mean that you want to avail yourself of the best value for your limited budget.

Why Loss of Use Should Be Part of Your Car Insurance Policy? When buying car insurance, many people assume that they're getting certain things. Obviously, they expect to be covered in case they cause an accident with another car. They also expect the car insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of their own car should it be damaged. One of the things that they may not really contemplate, but do expect, is that they will be given a replacement car while theirs is being replaced.

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